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Assistance with Bhavishya Overseas student visa application

Do you need to apply for a Student visa? Here's everything you need to know. A student visa is an approval from the immigration authorities on your passport. This indicates that you are allowed to enter and stay to study for a certain period.

When should I apply for my student visa?

You can begin your student visa application once you have received confirmation of your enrollment at your chosen university or institution. It is best to apply as early as possible, regardless of when the program should start, as the time required for visa processing varies from country to country.

If you plan to seek any financial help (in terms of scholarships and education loans), to avail of any financial aid, such as a scholarship or education loan, your visa application must be initiated in advance as the process can take a long time.

How can I apply for a student visa?

There are many steps to consider when applying for a student visa. However, the order of these steps, i.e. the processes and requirements, may vary depending on the country in which you intend to study.

  • Most students will require tests of
  • Enrollment in a recognized educational institution.
  • Proof of your ability to cover the cost of airfares, course tuition fees, and living expenses for you (and your family) for the duration of your year of stay.
  • Passport-size photo and passport are valid for at least six months beyond the period of stay.
  • Some countries may require proof of your knowledge of the English language or ask you to take health exams and/or police checks.

How can Bhavishya Overseas help you with your visa applications?

If you are a Bhavishya Overseas student with an offer letter from one of our 700 partner institutions in Australia, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Europe , or the United States, we can advise you on how to go through the whole process. We will make sure that you are fully informed about the latest visa requirements and conditions; They also help you prepare the right documents for your presentation.

Our team of experts will direct you to official websites and authorized immigration representatives to make sure you have the latest application forms and directions. To reduce your problems, we can also help you certify, translate and mail your documents.

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