Australia Visit Visa, Visa Process, etc. Australia Visit Visa, Visa Process, etc. Australia Visit Visa, Visa Process, etc. Study in Study, Visa Process, etc.

Australia Tourist Visa

Our Australia Visitor Visa Consultants in India aims to provide a very diverse and dynamic group with the best grasp and promise to pass on quality Australian movement advice and advice to our clients. We are the best Australia Tourist Visa Consultants in India to provide a visa agreement that incorporates the core standards of morals, stewardship, genuineness, and respectability.

Opening up opportunities in Australia

Our Australia visitor visa consultants provide a free assessment which is one of our services that builds a good relationship between our client and the visa team. This will cost nothing, just basic information about the qualification conditions of the Australia tourist visa you wish to visit. We continue with the visa process only if the result of the evaluation is sure. That way, you are clearly in a win-win situation and you will not lose. Contact us for more information+91 8328559029

Basic Requirements

  • Meet the prerequisites of well-being and character
  • Have enough money to help yourself during your stay in Australia
  • Plan to perform the exercises in the stream you are applying for

Our Service

In addition to offering help to fill out the visa application forms and several records according to Australia's separate rules, we Australian visa consultants in India never lose track of giving their best performance and addressing your every request, and making sure that you get the visa without obstacles.

Top reasons to visit Australia

  • Australia has one of the lowest air pollution in the world
  • Beautiful natural ecosystems
  • Australia is truly a multicultural society
  • Mild weather all year round
  • The most efficient healthcare system
  • A strong economy and low unemployment
  • The most efficient healthcare system with a strong economy and low unemployment Australia has an impressive number of study options for international students

Best time to travel to Australia

From December to the end of January (or even the beginning of February). Total cost for the entire trip: airfare, accommodation, food, and tourist attractions

Airfare: around 60-700K round trip

Accommodation: 5000 rs per day

Catering: 2000 - 4500 Rs per day

Australia visa application documents

  • The following forms - Form 1419 Tourist / 54/956 must be completed
  • 2 recent color photographs in passport size
  • Cover letter mentioning travel details, traveler details, the purpose of visit, and duration
  • Income tax documents for the past 3 years
  • Original bank statements
  • Travel itinerary with proof of hotel stays with passenger name and travel dates. Visa fee - AUD140 Processing time - 15 days
  • Visa Fee AUD140
  • Processing Time 15 days
  • Visa validity 2 months

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